Female Entrepreneur Relocating to New City

How to Succeed as a Female Entrepreneur in New City

I am a female entrepreneur. What factors are important to consider when moving to a new city? – Martha in Port Orford, Oregon


Martha, this is a complex question and deserves a comprehensive guide for consideration. However, I will touch on key components to review. The number one factor is the fit for your business. Does the city have the infrastructure, workforce, and services your business will need? Is it friendly to female entrepreneurs? What are the cost implications associated with the candidate cities?

A few of these include the cost of living, relocation, employee compensation, and proximity to your target markets. Does your business have specific environmental or regulatory aspects or concerns to be addressed? What about the quality of life? You may want to evaluate crime rates, health care, education facilities, climate, and recreational opportunities.

The second factor is you. What do you need personally to thrive? Sun and surf? A large metropolitan culture? Dynamics of friends and family? Truly consider what you require, along with your desires. I also recommend visiting each city on your short list. Drive around the area, walk the streets surrounding your target locations of home and work, talk to potential neighbors, and find a spot to sit back and observe to gain a real sense of the city. And don’t forget the commute! It can ruin your quality of life if you go in blind.

The location of your business can directly impact your success. This is a complicated question requiring thoughtful research and introspection to find a strong match. Martha, your entrepreneurial spirit and fierce determination will greatly benefit when you choose wisely.





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