3 Secrets to Create Powerful Sales Webinars that Boost Sales

3 Secrets to Create Powerful Sales Webinars that Boost Sales

I love the sales webinars you provide, and think they would work well for our own sales strategy. BTW, what is the technology platform you use for your sales webinars? Tips to execute? – Calen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Calen, webinars are an excellent content strategy to reach your prospects. We currently use GoToMeeting for our webinars. We record the webinars utilizing either Powerpoint or Keynote presentation software. GoToMeeting includes the functionality to produce AI transcripts, which we find useful for creating the companion resources. However, there are many alternate tools, and I recommend researching the functionality of the various platforms to see what will best meet your specific needs.

To create effective webinars that will provide value to your customers and prospects, follow our tips included in our article, “4 Rules to Knock Your Presentation Out of the Park.”

In addition, follow these three tips to produce webinars that will keep your audience engaged.
  1. Invest in headsets with mics prior to your first webinar. We got started with basic hardware. Subsequently, we’ve upgraded our equipment to Apogee mics and separate Sennheiser headsets. Audio fidelity is vital throughout the webinar. Thoroughly test your equipment, bandwidth, and software. Familiarity with the hardware and process will improve your results.
  2. Script the entire webinar. This keeps you on point and helps eliminate filler words. I also recommend rehearsing the webinar before recording as many times as needed! We did that early on, and our first webinars were recorded 3 or 4 times. Practice increases your confidence. Creating a webinar script also keeps you from reading the bullet points and ensuring you cover the key information your audience is expecting.
  3. Edit the rough-cut webinar. We use Final Cut Pro. There are a number of video editing programs, but it’s an absolute must. Nothing elaborate is needed. However, the basics of cutting out the beginning, end, or outtakes in the middle is vital. You can easily outsource the editing to a qualified professional or agency. The caliber of the final webinar is a reflection on your organization, so do it right and demonstrate your attention to quality.

Webinars are an excellent means to connect with your customers and prospects. It’s the perfect opportunity to educate them on what you have to offer. Answer the client’s “why” and address their pain points.  In addition, webinars are a strong funnel resource for generating new leads. If you are currently providing virtual presentations, transitioning to sales webinars is a natural next step.

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