10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Daily Commute

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Daily Commute

How many of you have had to endure long, stressful commutes to and from work? Nearly all of us can relate, and most would agree that the daily commute can be a drag. However, there are ways to make it tolerable and even fun! Melissa Addey is an author, speaker, and Creative Writing PhD student at the University of Surrey. Her book, The Happy Commuter, offers over 100 ways to improve your travels. We were thrilled to interview Melissa in our latest podcast about how to transform your commute.

During our interview, Melissa shared her 10 best ways to improve your regular trek to and from the office. From silly to practical, you’ll want to try these methods to make your commute something you actually look forward to.

Check out Melissa’s top 10 tips to improve your daily commute by downloading our FREE resource below:

If you’re looking for more commute-transforming advice, be sure to listen to our podcast with Melissa. Speaking to Lynn and Amanda – who have both struggled through long commutes – Melissa talks about the issues of commuting, how to transform your journey, what inspired her to write The Happy Commuter. And of course you’re all looking for some good tips, so listen to the podcast below to hear Melissa talk about her top 10 ways to enjoy a more productive and fun commute.

Listen to our podcast interview with Melissa Addey here.

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