How to Transcend a Loved One's Health Crisis

How to Transcend a Loved One’s Health Crisis

How would you cope if a loved one faced a serious health crisis? Sara Hill found out the hard way when her toddler daughter was diagnosed with a bone disease. Barely old enough to walk, her daughter required bone surgery. In our new interview, Sara Hill reveals how she handled this health crisis, became an advocate for her daughter, and helped her grow into a happy, healthy young adult.

Sara walks us through the emotions she felt, but focuses on how to harness those emotions for something more. First, you need to find a support network so you can cope with the health crisis and your own concerns. Sara reveals the top three resources that helped her manage this difficult time.

Next, Sara tackles the actual illness. Her advice? Handle it like it’s a research paper. Once you’re familiar with the illness, you’ll be primed to become an advocate for your loved one. She shares some vital tips to be there for your loved one and help them get through this.

Finally, Sara shares her three actionable tips for what you can do if your loved one is facing a health crisis. No matter how scary or bleak it may seem, you can be a supportive ally and make it through this challenge.

Watch our new interview with Sara Hill to learn about her personal story of helping her young daughter cope with a bone disease.

Sara shared numerous tips and wisdoms throughout her interview. Below, we highlighted her final three tips for anyone who’s facing a loved one’s health crisis. Watch our short clip:

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