Will Maternity Leave Replacement Actually Steal My Job?

Will Maternity Leave Replacement Actually Steal My Job?

While I was away on maternity leave, my replacement did an excellent job and everybody I work with loves her as a colleague. I’m worried I may be at risk of losing my job to her. Should I be concerned? Who should I talk to about my job security following maternity leave? – Rocio in Allentown, Pennsylvania


How great that someone competent covered for you. No one is after your job or trying to replace you. That’s just an assumption. As a new mom managing a lot of changes, don’t let fear and insecurities cloud your judgment. Be mindful of how helpful your replacement was when you needed her, and how supportive your colleagues were, too. You are lucky; you’re now a working mom, with both a job and child. Think of your good fortune. Purchase your temp worker a thoughtful gift and take her to lunch to mark your return. Keep in mind that your company may keep her on, so she might become a valuable colleague, lessening your workload in the process.

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As a working mom, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the changes in your life. This is normal. Your security and confidence come from within, and you’ll regain both in time. There is no need to discuss job security with your manager. I can assure that your job is secure. You’ll quickly learn how to balance your job and your new role as a mother, and you’ll rock both! Now it’s time to get back to work and reaffirm your career objectives.


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