5 Lucrative Career Paths You Never Knew Existed

5 Lucrative Career Paths You Never Knew Existed

So, your dream job isn’t all you thought it would be, and you find yourself daydreaming more than you should. There’s no need to feel bad about it, as thousands of people have been in your exact position before. In fact, our writers discussed their own horror stories in our article “A Toxic Environment: When to Leave a Bad Job”. The good news is that just like them, you have myriad career paths available, most of which are not just enjoyable, but can also be very appealing from a financial standpoint, too.

The next time you picture yourself as a professional bridesmaid or consider sending your application to the Greek island of Syros to be the caretaker to thousands of cats, feel free to add some of these unique career paths below to your list.

Wine Taster

If you find yourself enjoying different kinds of wine more than your girlfriends, then being a professional wine taster might be the perfect career for you. This type of professional is called a Sommelier, who often works in high-end restaurants and oversees their wine collection. They give customers recommendations and occasionally travel to vineyards to sample wine.

Sommeliers can work with or without certification, but applying for a position often requires months of intense studying. The BBC details the preparations needed to take the difficult Certified Sommelier Exam; those who go the extra mile to take it can expect a whopping $155,000 yearly salary, international travel, and much deserved recognition.

Veterinary Acupuncturist

A specialization most animal lovers will enjoy — a veterinary acupuncturist is exactly what it sounds like. These professionals use the typical methods employed in acupuncture sessions and work by inserting small needles into pressure points on an animal. This comforts them or relieves any pain they are suffering.

Aspiring veterinary acupuncturists need to be a veterinarian first, and can get certifications from the growing International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. From there, you can help animals and earn around $90,000 a year if you choose this career path.

eDiscovery Professional

Everything is interconnected through technology nowadays. The ways we communicate, work, and play are all affected by electronics. And they have, in turn, given rise to the role of eDiscovery professionals. In an article by Special Counsel entitled “What is eDiscovery?” it details that this type of professional is hired to collect electronic data that attorneys can use and present in court. These professionals are meticulous and familiar with the latest tech. This enables them to work with teams to sweep through electronic information efficiently.

The billion-dollar industry pays its professionals an average of $66,000 annually, but managerial eDiscovery specialists can earn up to $250,000. Most companies require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or other technology-related fields. However, tech savvy paralegals can also vie for positions in the industry.

Yacht Steward

If traveling to glamorous destinations like Monte Carlo and Puerto Rico while living expense-free on a luxury boat sounds good to you, then it’s time to prepare for life as a yacht steward. The job involves mostly making sure passengers are enjoying themselves and supervising the general upkeep of the boat.

Yacht stewards aboard bigger cruisers can expect $100,000 a year, and that’s not even counting the tips you receive from the rich and generous clientele you will be serving. The main requirement is having customer service experience; however, being fluent in several foreign languages is a huge advantage.

Nuclear Diver

Although considered a high-risk profession, nuclear divers enjoy benefits that people won’t ever get from regular jobs. Nuclear diving is actually safer than it sounds. A team of scientists are always working behind the scenes to ensure that radiation is at a safe level for the divers who work to maintain U.S. naval vessels.

This thrilling job is only done once every few months, and the annual salary is more than $100,000 year. That said, the role is ideal for people who love scuba diving and have an appetite for excitement.

All in all, we have the internet to thank for opening up the possibility to learn about new, interesting, and sometimes outrageous career paths we’d never otherwise be able to imagine existed. If you’re stuck in a lousy job at the moment, do a little bit of digging. You never know, a quick Google search might be all you need to find your new dream job.

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