Petite2Queen’s Media Release Agreement for Websites

Petite2Queen’s Media Release Agreement.

As a Guest of a podcast produced by Petite2Queen LLC (“Podcaster”), I consent to the audio and video recording of my voice, name, and image (“Recording”) as part of my appearance on the podcast (“Podcast”). 

I further consent to the distribution and broadcast of my appearance, including any information and content I provide (“Material”), by Podcaster in audio, video, graphic image, or text form without restriction. 

I further acknowledge and agree that: 

(a) I will receive no monetary compensation for my appearance. The consideration I receive for executing this release shall be the exposure I receive to the audience of the Podcast. 

(b) I am granting the Podcaster a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide license to publish any copyrighted work I supply as part of my appearance on the Podcast. 

(c) the Podcaster has the right to edit the Recording and produce derivatives from the Recording (“Derivatives”), which may incorporate a part or all of the Material, and publish and distribute the Derivatives in any media now and in the future for any purpose without first obtaining my approval. 

(d) I am waiving any right to publicity and privacy claims, and agree my name, likeness, and business information may be used by Podcaster in the Derivatives, including but not limited to the episode, the future reproductions of the episode, as well as the marketing materials supporting the Podcast and the Podcaster in general.

(e) I am waiving any intellectual property claims, including but not limited to infringement claims, associated with personal or business interests discussed in the Recording and the Derivatives.

(f) I am releasing and discharging Podcaster together along with all of the Podcaster’s principals, shareholders, officers, employees, agents, successors, and assigns from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with my appearance on the Podcast and in any Derivatives, and distribution of the Derivatives in any medium.

This Media Release Agreement expresses the complete understanding of the parties.