How to Answer Weird Questions with Strength and Grace

During the sales process, we have all encountered times or individuals who can be challenging. And to foster a long-term successful relationship, the client must feel satisfied. It comes down to thinking like the customer.

But what about that point in the conversation when you receive a question seemingly from left field? The inquiry could even appear pointless or downright weird. This is when we demonstrate our communication moxie. It’s time to stop and take a moment to consider the PICKLE.

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Utilizing this strategy will move your conversation forward and past the PICKLE. What may seem like an AWOL question could be an alternate approach or flexing a unique prism viewpoint you had not thought of. While there may not be any there-there, if you tilt your paradigm, you could discover that the question has real merit.

At the end of the day, responding with grace and respect is vital to building, maintaining, and strengthening your relationships. This translates to authenticity, integrity, and credibility: The core building blocks for great client relationships.

This content was adapted from an interview Lynn did with Chelsea Behrens. See the full interview here. See Chelsea's official website here.

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