One thing I’ve learned over the years since founding Petite2Queen is that I am passionate about supporting and helping women become the very best version of themselves. I’ve LOVED empowering so many women to show up as their very best self in life and in their career.

Using my experience and skills that I’ve cultivated over many years of corporate life, and with my team’s incredible intelligence, we’ve created something that will catapult you to live your own authentic life. Giving you a new injection of energy, originality, and creativity, which is exactly what is needed to take YOU to a new level.

If this at all speaks to you, book your introductory call now, and make things happen!

Our Programs

1:1 and Mastermind Programs


Leadership Gumption and Grit

Framing Success and Thriving as a Leader

You are burning to be the inspirational, motivational, get-things-done leader you envision. Our 12-session mentoring action plan will show how YOU can overcome the fear holding you back, and the associated challenges, to become the leader you want to be.

  • Retrain your brain for transformation
  • Discover the courage to ask “why”
  • Gain crucial negotiation skills
  • Acquire tactics to advance confidence
  • Learn to share concepts succinctly
  • Obtain resilience strategies
  • Realize ability to prevail
  • Tap into your inner tigress

Learn how to push on your boundaries and remove that edge of fear. Confidently manage your inner critic to have the leadership career and personal success you deserve. Walk away with skills that are going to serve you for the rest of your career. Schedule your chat here!


Uplevel Sales Performance

Rapidly Pivot and Navigate the New Norm

Transform your sales outlook to grow beyond your dreams, allowing you to live your best life and serve on a deeply satisfying level without becoming burned out. This 12-session program teaches you to tap into your power and perform on a higher level.

  • Acquire habits to bust obstacles
  • Learn to manage disruption
  • Capitalize emerging solutions
  • Exercise skills to accelerate progress
  • Position yourself for growth
  • Imagine new possibilities
  • Explore new opportunities
  • Create mutually beneficial wins

Expand and hone your skills in simple shifts and tweaks in what you're doing, so you gain deeper connections and stronger relationships in less time. Build your MVP sales career. Book in now!


Capital Close

Triumphantly Pitch, Negotiate, and Fund

Bring a sledgehammer to the glass ceiling. That’s right... in eight mentoring sessions you will learn how to win the funding you need. Discover your footing, choose your path, and achieve your objectives on your journey to capital.

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs
  • Create your value vault
  • Learn to leverage power skills
  • Discover the tools to win
  • Implement the secret 4Bs
  • Develop compelling strategy
  • Maximize your impact
  • Emerge victorious

This program will wow, inspire, and transform you. Get ready to win big in heels! Today is the time to start... book a one-on-one session with me now!


Unlock Your Worth

& Earn What You Deserve

Negotiating a raise can be a loaded, anxiety-inducing experience for anyone — even when you clearly deserve more. In eight sessions you learn to overcome challenges

of motivation, confidence, and the expectations of others. Stop taking a passive approach to career advancement, waiting for promotions to come. Instead achieve the assurance you need to assert yourself and create opportunity.

  • End the vicious fear cycle
  • Boost emotional IQ
  • Improve ability to engage
  • Define your values and align goals
  • Learn to use positive priming
  • Discover preparation secrets
  • Attain effective pitch strategy
  • Master proven tactics for success

Gain the ability to reframe the negotiation and be unapologetic to get what you deserve. Reserve your discovery call today.