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Is this your story?

The program


You’ve probably tried cookie cutter sales programs before.

Where you were tossed into a DIY video learning library.

Group Coaching


When you discovered that your group coaching calls were a Catch-22 of the guru asking you, “What do you think?” Really!

There is no actual guidance. Instead, it’s stilted, inflexible scripts turning you into an automaton clone.

False promises


Stealing every ounce of your authenticity and uniqueness.

And you realize you are a square peg being shoved into a round hole.

What you were promised was never delivered. Burn!

A unique approach to solving your challenges to Get More Clients & Profits.

Before I show you how, let’s go back to when I was a Fortune 500 VP of Global Sales.

I was sent out on my usual mission to one of our business units to assist the sales team to close a multi-million-dollar deal. After meeting with the manager and confirming they were ready for guidance, I sat down with the sales team. They showed me their plans and went on and on about their solution. When I asked why this mattered to the client, they reverted back to the features and benefits from the sales team’s perspective.

Next, I met with the client and asked questions to help me understand their situation. My questions were all about the client. What did they want, need, or lack? What problem were they trying to solve? What areas of concern did they want addressed? Why did it matter to them? To the organization, their team, and to themselves? Ultimately, I learned what this would enable them to do. So they could…

As I had expected, and this was the norm, the sales team was completely off-base. They were focused on selling what they had, not providing the nuances of the solution the client was seeking. They had completely missed the client’s perspective.

The sales team initially fought the changes I made to the presentation. However, my reputation of closing these huge deals was legendary and they came around. By incorporating the 4 pillars of sales strategy into the presentation, focusing on the client’s perspective, and positioning the attainment of the client’s goal, we created a win-win partnership. 

Another multi-million-dollar deal closed. Another notch in my success board. A new client to delight, nurture, and scale. Using the secret formula I had developed to build strong, lasting relationships, increase profits, and grow our business.

In the Get More Client Programs

We have made the Fortune 500 Sales Secrets accessible for you. The skills and knowledge I acquired in the trenches on my way to a Fortune 500 global sales leader. Leveraging the sales strategy, tactics, and techniques the big companies use.

We’ve taken the impersonal and made it all about you, your unique gifts, and growing your business.

Our Unique Approach
We are human-to-human relationship-centered. Showing you how to guild your prospects to close the sale.

We only use cookie cutters on cookies – yum! We embrace your unique talents and approach to your business.

Our sales solutions work for you regardless of economic conditions. By thinking, implementing, and acting strategically, you own your competitive edge.
We love becoming a part of your team and community. Forging a true partnership to grow your business and create lasting impact.
Everything we do is for your immediate, on-the-fly implementation to get results now. You get sales progress today and tomorrow, not in 6 months.
Our methodology is process-driven; you have an easy-to-follow roadmap to success. And we are there with you every step of the way.
We are an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited business. As a BBB A+ accredited business, Petite2Queen adheres to a comprehensive set of best practices.
Immediate, On-the-fly Results
The Get More Clients programs are for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Professionals who are seeking a roadmap to shorten their sales cycle, build stronger client relationships, and increase their profits.
Whether you are fresh and new to the market or established and ready to assume market leadership, the program rapidly guides you to creating a robust sales strategy and competitive edge in your marketplace.
The programs are about you, breaking down the steps and processes you need in place to optimize and maximize your sales.

What to Expect

Instead of working your fingers to the bone for five years trying to figure this stuff out, we're going to shortcut it and get you moving in as little time as possible. A lot of our clients see results within the first month. So, your future is going to be a whole lot brighter.

Before you go any farther down this page, I want you to know, your time is important to me. That's why I want to let you know…

This program is for you if:
This program is NOT for:
You want Strategic, Sustainable, and Scalable Sales Growth
Get Rich quick
You Desire Savvy Sales Solutions
Business Opps
You are Committed to Building a Long-Term Foundation for Business Success
Instant Fame
You Seek Sales Confidence
Launch-Driven Business
You Value Win-Win Relationships
Those Who Don’t Embrace Win-Win Relationships

About the Queen of Sales, Lynn Whitbeck

Applied & Accessible Rich Sales Experience. From Lynn’s humble start in small business sales, moving to ever larger organizations, to corporate VP of Global Sales, then shifting to COO at several start-ups, to sales consulting. Sales consulting has been the through-line of Lynn’s full-spectrum, integrated sales experience. It’s how she translates the Fortune 500 sales secrets and makes them accessible to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Strategic Layered Process Driver. With the proven ability to put a full strategic map in place to get from point A to point B, Lynn helps you implement your business goals. Grounded in the who, what, when, where, why, and how methodology to make your sales journey quicker, with confidence and assurance.

Genuine Desire to Help & Serve. It all starts with worthy intent. Lynn genuinely wants to make a difference and have an impact for you and your business. She actually gives a damn. Lynn becomes a part of your team, a committed partner, and fully invested in your sales success.

Applied Action. Lynn gets stuff done. She helps you apply the knowledge you have gained to implement sales solutions on the fly. This results in more clients and profits for your business.

Expert Sales Consultant. As a sought-after national and international sales growth expert and speaker, Lynn Whitbeck’s show, Get More Clients, appears on many premier streaming services that reach over 169 million monthly viewers, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Lynn speaks at global events on sales, lead gen, and growth strategies, including the International Women’s Day 2023 event in Delhi, India.

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Why This Program Works

Live Training. And yes, you always have access to the replay when life gets in the way or you want a refresh.
Live Coaching. Where we actually answer your questions with real insights, advice, and guidance.
Sales with Worthy Intent. Break free from the old sleazy manipulative way of doing sales. It never works for long-standing, strong relationships.
One-on-One Consulting. It’s about you, your business, your goals, and your vision. We are your partner for success.
Simple, Proven, Step-by-Step Plan. Our methodology embraces your unique product or service, your specific business needs, and the essence of who you are.
Clear Processes. We map how to get you from where you are to where you want to be with easy terms to understand, digest, and act upon.
An Abundance of Confidence. The tools, coaching, and any hand-holding so you can be your authentic self, feel great about your sales conversations, and be paid what you’re worth.
Expert Knowledge on Any Sales Scenario. We’ve been there, done that, and know the tripwires and triggers to resolve your sales dilemmas.
Peer-to-Peer Community. Like-minded individuals who are cheering you on and sharing in your challenges and triumphs.

Getting Started is Super Easy

Book a Chat with Lynn

It's just a short, casual conversation to see if we'd be a good fit.

Lynn knows what works today
Lynn knows what works today

The training and working with Lynn and her team has been so impactful for us. One thing I love about the program is that Lynn knows what works today. And because Lynn works with some really large, prestigious organizations, she has access to intel that the average business owner does not have.

Lynn and her team bring an expertise that is just really hard to figure out when you are soloing your own sales activities. I am so very grateful for what they teach and the leadership Lynn brings to working with our sales team.

Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of Up My Influence

What Others Say

Sheridan James Image
Everything that a client needs.

Lynn really works with her clients and makes the magic happen with them. She encompasses everything that a client needs. We need someone to not only show us how to do it, but work alongside us to implement and then celebrate when we get the results.

Sheridan James, Founder of Bare Marketing

Image Image
You are missing out.

If you are not working with Lynn to help you design a strategy to grow your business, then you are missing out. If she is not in your contact list in your phone and helping you with your sales strategy to help you design a strategy to grow your business, then you are missing out. Whether it's her programs, her summits, her talking, or working with her one on one, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Phil Pelucha, Billionaires in Boxers

Image Image
Knows sales inside and out.

Lynn is so enthusiastic about her subject and the people she works with. Her sales program works and delivers because she knows sales inside and out, and with all of her experiences, she has really fine-tuned the sales process. As an entrepreneur, the short-term benefit of the program was how easily I could get into the game and start producing quality sales content and information to people I can give value to.

Lesley Nase, Intuitive Animal Healing

Get More Clients Programs

Get More Clients Programs

We customize our programs to meet every business where they're at and get them the best results possible.

The Get More Clients programs are separated into three categories to help best serve you where your business is at and what business goals you have.

Select Your Sales Growth Program

Do you…
See yourself as strong self-starter but are not sure where to begin to get more sales?
Want a simple, proven, step-by-step plan that works for your unique style and business?
Need to build your mojo to ask for the sale while feeling great about how you are serving your clients?

Then Roadmap is a great program for you.

Sign Up for Roadmap

What if…
You want results now with direct, one-on-one sales strategy consulting intensive, just for you and your business?
What you’re currently doing is not working as well as you want it to be? You need more power in your sales plan and more money coming in the door.
You thrive on a collaborative mastermind process learning together, while creating dynamic strategic partnerships?

Then Strategy is an ideal fit for you.
(This is the most popular program.)

Sign Up for Strategy

Or maybe you…
Need to build rapid rapport with your prospects to connect, convert, and guide them to a sales decision.
Want to activate the integration of sales and communication strategy so you can close more sales faster.
Have huge goals and are ready to invest in yourself and your business.

Then you want the Accelerator program.

Sign Up for Accelerator

The Get More Clients Program BONUSES:

Access to Lynn's Network
Site Review
Sales Confidence and assurance training
Power Point Review

Our signature Fortune 500 methodology enables you to connect to the right audience, with the right message, at the right time to GET MORE CLIENTS.

Your VIP Experience

We've created three different levels of the program. Each is designed to serve businesses at different phases of growth. It's completely customized based on where you're at. Normally, when I did this in the past, we had a different format, and people would pay me up to $60,000 a year to work with them. So, your good news is that you don't have to. Because we've restructured the programs. We've made it more efficient, we've made it easier, we're doing it in a group format, so that's not nearly the investment.

This is a small group dynamic. We want to keep the group sizes small so you get the most value from the program. By making it more streamlined, we can create a synergy within the group. That is why we've been able to bring the investment down to a more affordable place, no matter where you're at in business.

Get More Clients Guarantee

Clear, step-by-step sales programs that practically guarantee your business success.
If you take action, your business is going to change forever.
A+ Better Business Bureau accredited business.

Grow Your SALES.  .  .  Grow Your Income

Stop wasting your time, energy, and resources.

Get the sales support you need right now.

Never chase prospects or clients again.

Get started today to Get More Clients.

I'm Ready to Grow My Sales!

What will your life be like if you don’t take action?

You get the same results when you stay on the same path.
You experience increased stress from continuing to struggle.
Your existing problems won’t go away.
Your problems build and compound with inaction.
What happens to you when things get worse?
Without taking action, in 6 months you will still be treading water, or worse.
Is that what you want?

At Petite2Queen, we’re experts on growing sales and businesses, and we have worked with thousands of business owners, just like you.

Put your business on the fast track to generate more leads, connect, convert, and close sales.


Questions? Answers.

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