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Fortune 500 Secrets Revealed

Step 1: Download and Read Get More Clients eBook

Creating your product or service is not the biggest issue business owners and entrepreneurs face; it’s finding a way to Get More Clients.

The truth is, no one will beat a path to your door and pay you for your product or service.

If you want to get more clients, there are a few things you can do to increase your likelihood for success and profit.

This free pdf eBook takes 10 minutes to read… what you learn could be worth millions.

Step 2: Watch These TWO Bonus Training Videos

Thinking Like Your Client to SKYROCKET Your Sales

Did you know… Your sales can flourish from applying your client’s perspective in your approach.

Later strategies can be added down the road.

CLICK "PLAY" and turn up the sound, and you’ll see exactly how a thinking like your client can skyrocket your sales.

How to Make More Profit From Your Sales

Incorporating a referral framework throughout your client journey is a proven path for qualified introductions, raving fans, and a faster sales cycle.

There are obviously best practices to create a seamless and delightful experience to garner more referrals.

The video on the left focuses on building a referral process as a means to profit from your existing clients.


Step 3: Schedule Your Sales Strategy Session

If you want to close more sales, then book a call with me.

Meet Lynn Whitbeck, the Queen of Sales

Lynn Whitbeck is the founder of Petite2Queen and creator of the Get More Clients checklist.

From Lynn’s humble start in small business sales, moving to ever larger organizations, to corporate VP of Global Sales, then shifting to COO at several start-ups, to sales consulting, the art of sales has been the through-line of Lynn’s full spectrum integrated business experience. 

It’s how she translates the Fortune 500 sales secrets and makes them accessible to business owners and entrepreneurs, sharing them with those who are ready to skyrocket their own sales success.

Lynn helps you implement your business goals and, using her methodology, she makes your sales journey quicker, with confidence and assurance.

With a genuine desire to make a difference and have an impact, she actually gives a damn and becomes a part of your team, a committed partner, and fully invested in your sales success. She helps you apply the knowledge you have gained to implement sales solutions on the fly, resulting in more clients and profits for your business.

As a sought-after national and international sales growth expert and speaker, Lynn’s show, Get More Clients, is seen by 169 million monthly viewers on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. She speaks at global events on sales, lead gen, and growth strategies, including the International Women’s Day 2023 event in Delhi, India.

Here's What Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Think…

Sheridan James Image
Everything that a client needs.

Lynn really works with her clients and makes the magic happen with them. She encompasses everything that a client needs. We need someone to not only show us how to do it, but work alongside us to implement and then celebrate when we get the results.

Sheridan James, Founder of Bare Marketing

Image Image
You are missing out.

If you are not working with Lynn to help you design a strategy to grow your business, then you are missing out. If she is not in your contact list in your phone and helping you with your sales strategy to help you design a strategy to grow your business, then you are missing out. Whether it's her programs, her summits, her talking, or working with her one on one, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Phil Pelucha, Billionaires in Boxers

Image Image
Knows sales inside and out.

Lynn is so enthusiastic about her subject and the people she works with. Her sales program works and delivers because she knows sales inside and out, and with all of her experiences, she has really fine-tuned the sales process. As an entrepreneur, the short-term benefit of the program was how easily I could get into the game and start producing quality sales content and information to people I can give value to.

Lesley Nase, Intuitive Animal Healing