How to Share Your Expertise and Attract Your Ideal Clients - Paula Fellingham

How to Share Your Expertise and Attract Your Ideal Clients

When it comes to attracting clients, there is one thing that is vital to your success: influence. Specifically, being able to demonstrate your expertise and influence people’s lives for the better. So how can you grow your influence and bring your ideal clients into your circle? We spoke with Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder and CEO of Win Win Women, and she told us how YOU can grow your sphere of influence.

Watch our podcast with Dr. Paula Fellingham to learn how you can grow your success by influencing others:

Dr. Paula Fellingham is the Founder and CEO of Win Win Women. Win Win Women is a global multi-media network and international community of women. It combines today’s best platforms: television shows, weekly online video Shows, radio, social media, a website, an app, live events, an online university, and local groups gathering in “Circles.” All of this to help 3.9 billion women achieve a level of excellence in every area of their lives, in an environment created by women, for women. She is the author of eight books, including the internationally popular Believe It! Become It! How to Hurdle Barriers and Excel Like Never Before.

Dr. Paula is the recipient of the “Points of Light Award” given by U. S. President George W. Bush. She is also the recipient of the “President’s Volunteer Service Award” given by U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Paula was honored as WA State Young Mother of the Year, UT State Woman of the Year, and NYC News National Woman of the Year 2021.

Most importantly, Dr. Paula is the mother to eight children and grandmother to 25 grandchildren.

Expertise & Influence

Our conversation begins with a discussion of what influence means for women in business. How does Dr. Paula define it? She talks about influencing beginning with you and why you care about your business, as well as the role confidence plays in demonstrating your expertise.

Dr. Paula walks us through why demonstrating your expertise is vital to the long-term success of your business. By showing your audience that you are an expert in your field, you gain their trust in you to teach them and benefit their lives.

When you’re building your business, you don’t necessarily want to spend years building your reputation as an expert, so how can you quickly expand your reach and influence? Dr. Paula has a solution: Network with other women relevant to your work and organize joint events.

To close our conversation, Dr. Paula shares how Win Win Women can also catapult your sphere of influence and opportunities to show off your expertise.

Listen to our podcast with Dr. Paula to learn all about leveraging your expertise to build influence and success for your business:

To learn more, check out Win Win Women, where you can apply to become a show host. You can also find Win Win Women on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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