Re-Define Elevate Summit Presentation

Amanda Whitbeck

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Unmotivated employees may be leaving you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and hopeless. That’s why Lynn is excited to tell you about the Re-Define Virtual Summit. 

The goal for this summit is to help you find support and practical tips so you can get the results you want from your team. The result: becoming an inspiring leader so you can impact the world.

On Saturday, November 20, and Sunday, November 21, Re-Define will bring you presentations from 10 industry experts who will pull back the curtain on how to re-invigorate your team. You’ll hear about everything from having difficult conversations to taking care of yourself so you can help employees feel supported and in control.

Lynn’s Presentation: How To Approach Difficult Discussions With Grace

By the end of this session, you will know how to approach, execute, manage, and successfully accomplish a difficult discussion with grace.

How do you approach a painful conversation or tackle difficult situation? How can you make the best of it and handle it with grace? Whether you need to fire an employee, ask for executive resources, deliver constructive criticism to a team member, or even break bad news to a loved one, these tools will help you navigate the tricky conversations with poise.

Join Lynn’s presentation on Saturday, November 20th.

November 20 @ 06:00




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