I AM CEO Podcast

Amanda Whitbeck

On Sunday, August 11th, Petite2Queen CEO Lynn Whitbeck will appear on the I AM CEO podcast alongside Gresham W. Harkless Jr.

Gresh runs CBNation.co and its daily podcasts. His brand is focused on increasing the business success rate with a two-tiered focus on (1) increasing visibility and (2) proving support for CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners like YOU. His team is laser-focused on fulfilling this mission and their vision of being the #1 business resource.

Lynn is thrilled to be part of Gresh’s I AM CEO podcast on August 11th. You can tune into the podcast at the two links below:

Check out the I AM CEO podcast on August 11th, and stay tuned for our own Practical Wisdoms in Sales podcast featuring Gresh, coming out in a few months!

August 11 @ 06:00