Practical Wisdoms in Sales

For the Sales Professional Looking to Up Her Game

What are some strategies to building up a client list? How can you close a deal? What are your options when managing a difficult client? Petite2Queen’s Lynn and Tina are both veterans in the sales field, and they, along with the rest of our team, are here to help with Practical Wisdoms in Sales.

Check Out What You Can Achieve With Practical Wisdoms in Sales


Co-founders Lynn and Tina each give their own take on a variety of challenges and questions that saleswomen face in our weekly podcasts. Our combined experience in sales come to fore in these helpful discussions.

Achievement in Sales Virtual Mentoring Series

Our bi-weekly webinars showcase the experience of Lynn and Tina. The co-founders explain how to master a variety of skills specific to being an effective salesperson, with inside tips and step-by-step instuctions. Webinars can be watched live or on your own time.

Support Group

In the Practical Wisdoms in Sales community, you get access to saleswomen facing many of the same experiences as you. Use our forums to ask questions, offer advice, and share stories with women in your field. Each woman has her own tales to learn from.

Specialized Content

Check out our blogs and insights in the Practical Wisdoms in Sales community. Posts spotlighting powerful women in sales and offering tips are at your fingertips. Direct your sales questions to the co-founders through our Ask Lynn and Tina column.