These programs are based on worthy intent. Worthy Intent is when you genuinely want to help, serve, and deliver an impact for your clients. 

The Get More Clients membership programs are designed for immediate, on-the-fly implementation and individuals committed to taking action to move their business forward.

What’s great about the Get More Clients membership programs is that there’s no “trial and error” or guesswork involved. Because when you implement the profit-pulling practices Lynn reveals in each session, you can immediately apply the knowledge to grow your business.

Get More Clients: Secrets


Rapidly learn how to build a consistent sales strategy to acquire, convert, and capitalize on every lead in Get More Clients: Secrets.

Monthly immersive live training workshop experience revealing critical sales success methods, tactics, and strategies. You will have the opportunity for Q&A and focus seats to rapidly breakthrough your sales blocks.

To further expand your ability to rapidly improve you client connections, relationships, and closing you will receive access to further development education.

Learn to stop wasting your time, energy, and resources. Creating confidence, assurance, and momentum to quickly and easily Get More Clients.

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Get More Clients: Roadmap

$ 397

Quickly and easily shorten your sales success timeline by fostering client relationship impact in the monthly group sales coaching session. You receive focus seat sales coaching to unlock your client super powers in Get More Clients: Roadmap.

Your fastest shortcut to success with access to our expert video training library. Each video is lavishly packed with powerful advice, exact steps, and reliable processes to acquire, convert, and capitalize on every lead.

Get comprehensive monthly sales guides and workbooks with the latest solutions to quickly and easily implement proven sales processes to Get More Clients.

Receive exclusive early access to more opportunities for sales success insider secrets, including events, workshops, and retreats.

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Get More Clients: Strategy


Your immediate sales and revenue impact delivered every month with a one-on-one 30-minute private sales consulting session.  Your catalyst to breakthrough with what you want done.

Gain more momentum every month inside the group sales coaching sessions. Easily shift your focus to be more effective while taking your skills to the next level. Submit questions the week prior to sessions for your focus seat during the coaching sessions. Two virtual live group expert sales coaching sessions per month.

Tested and proven sales scripts to authentically build rapport and guide prospects, improving your win ratio and enabling you to help more clients.

Valuable sales templates that are quick and easy to customize for your own unique product and/or service.

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Get More Clients: Accelerator

$ 1,497

If you are struggling to ask for the sale, our weekly sales strategy and mindset group coaching experience is your solution! We dive deep into what’s holding you back from getting more clients while quickly building the strategic sales foundation you want and need.

Every week you learn how to transform your thinking to embracing your gifts to create lasting impact for your clients.

Core client communications certified coach, Lesley Nase, joins the group coaching twice monthly to facilitate mindset and client communication breakthroughs.

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Get More Clients: Exclusive


Rapidly improve your success during your sales calls. Our proprietary process includes reviewing, evaluating, and guiding you through your sales call methodology.

Sales call reviews are delivered with caring and supportive insights, direction, and constructive opportunities. Following our expert guidance, you will be better able to connect with your prospects, increase conversion rates, and close more sales.

Record and upload up to 1 hour of your client sales strategy session, meeting, or presentation to our secure portal for expert review.

Observations are delivered to you within 10 business days in a positive, kind, clear, concise, and fact-based model, enabling you to rapidly incorporate refinements to your client communications.

You will be able to implement adjustments on the fly to have more effective client sales strategy sessions, meetings, and/or presentations – and win more business.

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